Tuesday, March 19, 2013

watch egypt vs algeria live stream free Online today directly 03/19/2013

watch egypt vs algeria live stream free Online today directly 03/19/2013
watch egypt vs algeria live
watch egypt vs algeria
egypt vs algeria


Group A
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 Hours before the meeting youth of Egypt and Algeria in the Cup of Nations Alfriqih able match that kidnap lights everywhere, especially in the state appointed Tmuchet to host competitions first group .. and there are a lot of fear and anxiety among the masses of youth team Pharaohs after winning owed Ghana powers owner reputation and history in the youth competitions.

Because matches Egypt and Algeria are always tinged lot of anaphylaxis between the parties at all levels, both in tournaments adults or young people .. so it was anxiety and stress are the dominant first atmosphere of the meeting .. So keen both officials here and there to work hard and effort on alleviate these conditions hot, which rose temperature during the press conference of the Mission Egyptian who saw a lot of controversy sharp between the parties to the meeting of Egyptian journalists and Algerians about restraint of the masses Algeria and Central that the crowd was able to charm Hawary board member Football Association and head of the Egyptian mission in Algeria usual contain the situation and gain Dr. Algerian journalists present at the conference after being confirmed to all that the Egyptian-Algerian relations above any other consideration and ball games to go and come back and relations of friendship and love between the two peoples remain throughout history.

At the level of the game was the team completed their preparations a good match Balemran last major, which focused through the technical aspects away from aspects physical so he does not get the players stress that affects their performance in the match .. In the evening lecture was the last of the match, which show which artistic director Spring Yassin all aspects performance both for defense or attack and midfield support to them during the game .. He urged the players to sharp focus the need for separation from visits Algerian fans who were massing in the stands and focus on performance is released.

On the other hand played a management Egyptian mission led by Dr. Sahar El Hawary major role in creating the atmosphere psychological and moral for the team .. and focused them on how to deal with the Algerian masses and stressed that the pitch thing stands something else and they expect to suffer pressure from the public and cases of provocation and they face adjusts restraint and calm, focus and performance on the pitch.

On the other hand .. keen Algerian newspapers to rally the masses to support the team of Algeria stressing that confrontation very strong and difficult and that winning the Pharaohs young spark of joy in the hearts of Algerians as kindled adults in Sudan .. spared no such newspapers and effort in shipping the masses and considered that this match is the final early African Cup of Nations Youth .. and that tie or loss topples the hopes and dreams of qualifying for the World Cup .. Despite this shipment severe did not ignore Algerian newspapers for the meantime on the strength of the Egyptian team and it left an impression beautiful and wonderful to everyone by his outstanding performance

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